Aim of the Lanka Thalassaemia Circle

1. Sri Lanka has a thalassaemia carrier rate of 1 in 40 individuals. This works out to 500,000 thalassaemia carriers. When two thalassaemia carriers marry , a thalassaemia major child could be born. Most are unaware of their carrier status. One of the primary objectives of this Thalassaemia Circle is to detect & confirm the Thalassaemia carrier status of Sri Lankans.

2. Sri Lanka has a successful non-fee levying government funded health sector, resulting in the best Health Indices in South Asia , together with a vibrant private sector. Our next aim is to coerce the Ministry of Health to maintain an adequate standardized chelation medication for these children

3. The main cure available today for Thalassaemia is Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT) from a compatible donor (a matching sibling) Our main aim is to establish a non-fee levying BMT program in Sri Lanka , with existing or additional infrastructure , with the assistance of the Ministry of Health and other local and international philanthropic organizations & personnel